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The communication and popularization of science constitute the set of initiatives that make culture, thought and scientific knowledge accessible to the general public through the use of the most...

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In the famous series Game of Thrones, the priestess of the god R'hllor and Stannis Baratheon's closest advisor coined the well-known phrase "The night is dark and full of terrors". She said that...

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On May 31, María Esperanza Cerdán Villanueva, coordinator of the EXPRELA Group from CICA, published an interesting article in The Conversation, together with Aida Barreiro, assistant professor PhD,...

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04/Oct/2022 Others ical

·        Date:Tuesday, 04/10/2022

·        Time: From 9:00a.m. to 2:45 p.m.

·        Place:Auditorium

·        Organizedby: Dr. Silvia María Díaz Prado (INIBIC-CICA-UDC)

·        Addressedto:

o  Biomedicalresearch personnel

o  HealthSciences professionals

o  Students ofhealth sciences and degrees related to biomedical research at undergraduate andpostgraduate level.


Poster withthe program in the attached file


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CICA-UDC announces, in a competitive concurrence regime, a maximum of 12 scholarships aimed at undergraduate students to carry out extracurricular training practices within the framework of a...

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  • Objetivo de la convocatoria: favorecer la participación del personal adscrito al CICA,especialmente la de personal investigador predoctoral y posdoctoral más joven, en congresos o reuniones...
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  • Objeto: programa de ayudas económicas para la financiación de proyectos de investigación “Semilla‐Disruptivos” cuya finalidad es la de aumentar las colaboraciones entre investigadores/as...

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