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Recently, the AQUAE Foundation has made public its top 10 of cutting-edge Spanish female researchers, and Vanessa Valdiglesias occupies one of the positions. The Foundation itself explains...

In the Press Coordinación
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Researcher Juan Fafián of TCMR group has spent the last 4 years studying the involvement of extracellular vesicles in the processes associated to cellular aging.

In 2020 he was recognized as one of...

In the Press TCMR
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The researcher Jaime Fagúndez participates in a project for the conservation of two areas of environmental interest: the Cecebre reservoir and the Meirama lagoon.

The researcher and the Cátedra...

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27/Jan/2022 Others ical
  • Date: Thursday, 27/01/2022
  • Time: 16:30 h
  • Flash Presentations
    • Sergio Lucio Gallego  (TCMR): “Study of new metabolic regulators in inflamm-aging”
    • Rosalía Sánchez Fernández  (QUIMOLMAT-QUIMBIO): “Combining covalent and non covalent chemistry: Development of lipase-sensitive water-soluble BTA polymers”
    • Eduardo Casais Caamaño  (BIOCOST): Study of the metabolome in a commercial and a laboratory model species of Ulva: Ulva ohnoi and Ulva mutabilis"

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    Poster attached:
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    01/Feb/2022 Conferences ical
    • Speaker: Elena Pazos Chantrero (Ramón y Cajal researcher with ERC Starting Grant)
    • Title: “Preparation of biosensors and new materials from peptides”
    • Data: to be confirmed
    • Organized by CICA
    • CICA's Conference Room

    A brief review of our speaker:

    Elena Pazos Chantrero received her degree and PhD in chemistry from the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, focusing her work on the development of luminescent sensors for proteins involved in cancer.

    In 2012 she joined the Northwestern University as a postdoctoral researcher, where she developed peptide nanofibers with applications in the field of biomedicine. In 2015 she joined the Centre Tecnològic de la Química de Catalunya, where she continued working in the field of nanoscience using metal nanoparticles to develop biosensors.

    Since 2017 she is part of CICA, where she started her career as an independent researcher thanks to the InTalent UDC-Inditex program. Two years later she obtained an ERC-Starting Grant and since May 2021 she is a Ramón y Cajal researcher. Her research focuses on the use of peptides as a basic tool to develop biosensors and to obtain new self-assembled nanostructures.

    Elena's scientific production amounts to 24 publications, one book chapter and 3 patents. She has participated in 21 research projects and agreements, being the principal investigator of 7 of them.

    List 82.300 1640x922 provisional 2022.02.15 anarey evento imagen
    15/Feb/2022 Conferences ical
    Coming soon
    List 0.0 1048x589 hh evento web
    24/Feb/2022 Others ical
    Coming soon
    List 1.0 1046x588 hh evento web
    31/Mar/2022 Others ical
    Coming soon


    List 0.61 1241x698 imagen web definitiva
    • Objeto: programa de ayudas económicas para la financiación de proyectos de investigación “Semilla‐Disruptivos” cuya finalidad es la de aumentar las colaboraciones entre investigadores/as...
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    De acuerdo con la "Normativa de creación de centros de investigación de la UDC" y con la "Normativa interna de adscripción al CICA" ponemos en marcha la "I Convocatoria de adscripción...

    List 0.2 1241x698 imagen web convocatoria cerrada

    Dentro de las acciones propuestas por la AE CICA-INIBIC está el fomento de la igualdad de género. Para ello se ha puesto en marcha una ayuda denominada “Bono de conciliación familiar”.

    • ...

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