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This morning the appointment ceremony of seven new chairs and seven full-professor positions was held at the UDC.

Among the new chairs, three have been granted to CICA researchers: David...

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Researcher Juan Antonio Fafián of the TCMR group has been invited to edit the next issue "Proteomics for the Study of Inflammatory Diseases" of the open access journal "International...

Research TCMR
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“G-Night – A noite galega das persoas investigadoras” se trata de una Acción Marie Sklodowska Curie financiada por la Unión Europea con motivo de la celebración de la Noche...

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22/Sep/2021 Conferences ical

  • Lecturer: Roberto Brea Fernández
  • Title: "Bridging the gap between Chemistry and Biology: new tools to generate and manipulate functional systems"
  • Date: Wednesday, 22/09/2021 - 12:30 h (GMT+2)
  • Organised by CICA
  • Link to the videoconference

A brief description of our speaker:

Roberto Brea Fernández received his degree and PhD in chemistry from the University of Santiago de Compostela. At this stage of his career he came into contact with nanoscience. 

He spent most of his postdoctoral research at the University of California San Diego (UCSD), where he received a Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) Cross Disciplinary Fellowship (CDF) in 2014. Following this award, he focused his research on the construction of functional synthetic cells.

In July 2021 he joined CICA as a distinguished researcher of the Xunta, since then, he leads a group focused on the development of chemical strategies to generate self-assembled structures, control the in situ formation of lipids and modulate the modification of proteins in living cells and organisms. He has recently been awarded a Ramón y Cajal grant that will become effective in 2022. 

Roberto's scientific production amounts to 35 publications, 4 book chapters and 7 patents. He has also participated in 32 research projects and is a reviewer and/or editor of several journals, including ACS and Biomolecules of MDPI.


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  • Objeto: programa de ayudas económicas para la financiación de proyectos de investigación “Semilla‐Disruptivos” cuya finalidad es la de aumentar las colaboraciones entre investigadores/as...
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De acuerdo con la "Normativa de creación de centros de investigación de la UDC" y con la "Normativa interna de adscripción al CICA" ponemos en marcha la "I Convocatoria de adscripción...

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Dentro de las acciones propuestas por la AE CICA-INIBIC está el fomento de la igualdad de género. Para ello se ha puesto en marcha una ayuda denominada “Bono de conciliación familiar”.

  • ...

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