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Research Group

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Environmental Chemical Engineering

Area: Environment
Coordinator: Alberto de Vega Martín

Research lines of the group:

  • Cleansing of urban and industrial waste water: waste water, cleansing, sustainability, anaerobic digestion, artificial wetlands.
  • Management and harnessing of organic waste: waste, composting, biogas, selective collection.
  • Chemical fractioning, harnessing of lignocellulosic materials, identification and separation of bioactive compounds (pasting, fractioning, lignocellulose, cellulose, lignin, dissolving pastes, organosolvents).

EnQA has lengthy experience in anaerobic digestion applied to very diverse effluents from both the industrial and agroindustrial sectors (fish canning, dairy produce, meat processing, cellulose and wood, grape-growing and wine production) and also urban waste water, as well as in cleansing and post-treatment through artificial wetlands (phytodepuration). The combination of anaerobic treatment and wetlands constitutes a research line in which the group is an international pioneer.

Another of the research lines focuses on composting organic waste with the aim of recovering and recycling of its nutrient elements, with preferential application on a small scale with both household waste and waste from farming and agroforestry activities.

The third research line applies biorefinery processes to forestry waste and biomass with the aim of obtaining raw materials suitable for replacing the non-renewable oil derivatives, such as liquid biofuels, extracts and biomolecules of interest.

Over and above the projects in public calls for proposals within Galicia, Spain and Europe, the group has a practical and applied profile through research projects, development and innovation in collaboration with companies in a variety of sectors.

Este grupo de investigación participa en el Programa Oficial de Doctorado en "Química Ambiental y Fundamental" y en el Programa Oficial de Doctorado en "Biotecnología Avanzada"



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Alberto de Vega Martín
88101 5591
Titular de universidad
Área Ingeniería Química - Departamento Química Física e Ingeniería Química 1

Licenciado en Química y doctor en Ingeniería Química por la Universidade de Santiago de Compostela


Pablo Ligero Martínez-Risco ORCID iD PDI 88101 5591
Isabel Ruiz Bolaños ORCID iD PDI 88101 2038
Marta Sánchez Núñez ORCID iD
PhD Student
88101 5591
PhD Student 88101 5591