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Research Group

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Metals in the Environment and Medicine

Area: New Materials
Coordinator: José Luis Barriada Pereira

The group researchingMetals in the Environment and Medicine” (METMED) is of special interest in the development of high-quality research with international projection, contemplating both basic and applied research. It is a multidisciplinary group with participation of researchers from the areas of Physical Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry all interacting synergically. Their main interest is focused on the study of metals and their implication in both the environment and in biomedicine, fields in which metal cations can generate problems but may also provide interesting solutions.

Four inter-related research lines are under way to respond to the Challenges posed in Horizon 2020 and the strategic goals of the State-level Scientific and Technical Innovation Plan 2013-2016 as well as the priority lines in Galicia’s RIS3 Programme:

Line 1: “Development of Adsorbents from Biomass and/or Geomass” ” (Led by: Dr. Manuel E. Sastre de Vicente). Interest: Obtention of adsorbents from low-cost materials (biomass and geomass), indirectly implying an increase in their value. The projects study the physical and chemical processes for adsorption of these materials, whether of natural origin (algae, leaves, tree bark, fruit, mollusc shells, ...) or from waste matter (red sludge, ...). Given the wide potential of this line, its study is approached from two perspectives or sub-lines: 1.1) Interaction with Metals  (Led by: Manuel. E. Sastre de Vicente) and 1.2) Interaction with Organic Compounds, especially colouring agents (Led by: Pilar Rodríguez Barro and Teresa Vilariño Barreiro). The results of this research have applications, among others, in the treatment of water, the detoxification of biological systems and the pre-concentration of reagents.

Line 2: “Green synthesis of Metallic Nanoparticles” (Led by: Roberto F. Herrero Rodríguez / José Luis Barriada Pereira). Interest: Study of the antioxidant properties of biomass extracts when designing alternative strategies (chemically sustainable) for the preparation of metallic nanoparticles.

Line 3: “Selective Complexation and Extraction of Metals and Anions: Environmental, Medical and Technological Solutions” (Led by: Andrés M. De Blas Varela / Mª Teresa Rodríguez Blas). Interest: This research line covers the field of detoxification of water and biological systems from the perspective of molecular chemistry. In connection with these technological applications, it also includes studies focused on the development of selective agents for the separation of metal ions. Furthermore, environmental impact studies are carried out on inorganic species in natural settings.

Line 4: “Metallic compounds of Interest in Biomedical Imaging” (Led by: Mª Teresa Rodríguez Blas / Andrés M. De Blas Varela). Interest: Development of contrast agents / probes for Molecular Imaging techniques. Our interest is currently focused on Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET).

"Este grupo de investigación participa en el Programa Oficial de Doctorado en "Química Ambiental y Fundamental"



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José Luis Barriada Pereira
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Área de Química Física - Departamento de Química


David Gómez Carnota
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Roberto F. Herrero Rodríguez ORCID iD PDI 88101 2126
José Manuel Míguez Novoa
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Alejandra Sabín López ORCID iD
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