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Research Group

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Applied Analytical Chemistry

Area: Environment
Coordinator: Soledad Muniategui Lorenzo

The Applied Analytical Chemistry research group (QANAP) began its activities in 1991, coinciding with the creation of Corunna University (UDC).

It currently constitutes a competitive reference group within the Galician University System and is attached to the Department of Analytical Chemistry and the University Environment Institute (IUMA) of the UDC, and also belongs to the Advanced Scientific Research Centre (CICA) of the UDC.


  • Freshwater science
  • Marine chemistry
  • Food sciences
  • Science of the atmosphere
  • Earth sciences
  • Pollution
  • Fossil fuels
  • Procedure monitoring
  • Quality assurance


The interdisciplinary nature of the group is inferred from the priority research lines in which it carries out its activities related to the areas of Analytical Chemistry and the Environment, as well as the sectors of society involved.

  • Development of analytical methodologies for the determination of chemical substances in the fields of industry, the environment and the food and agriculture sector.
  • Characteristics of priority degradation pollutants in samples of environmental interest with specialization in water quality, air quality, the marine environment (water, sediments, biota), soils, waste, combustion products and petrochemicals, foodstuffs.
  • Environmental assessment: effect of urban, industrial and agricultural activities, with environmental monitoring; evaluation of chemical pollution over time and space.
  • Solution of environmental problems, with assessment of the decontamination treatments/processes for water, liquid effluents and polluted air and waste.
  • Chemometrics and quality assurance (multivariate studies for process monitoring; quality management systems: implementation and consultancy.


All those arising from and related to the research lines:

  • Development and implementation of qualitative analytical methodologies for the determination of organic and inorganic compounds in the various matrices in the fields of industry, the environment and the food and agriculture sector.
  • Monitoring of pollutants.
  • Scientific consultancy services for the resolution of analytical and methodological problems in the various fields.
  • Participation and collaboration in R&D+I projects with companies, public and private institutions, and with other research groups.
  • Assessment of pollutants in the work environment.
  • Analysis and interpretation of data from environmental studies.
  • Multivariate studies for process monitoring.
  • Quality management systems: implementation and consultancy.


  • Validated analytical methods; analytical results of environmental assessment.
  • Variable selection procedures for environmental monitoring. Implementation of systematic approaches to quality assurance.
  • Computer application accessible over the Internet for managing and processing the data supplied by air quality measurement stations.
  • Consultancy services and implementation of software associated with the studies mentioned.

"Este grupo de investigación participa en el Programa Oficial de Doctorado en "Química Ambiental y Fundamental"



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Soledad Muniategui Lorenzo
88101 2190

Catedrática de Universidad

Área de Química Analítica - Departamento de Química Analítica
Doctora en Farmacia (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, 1989) 


Elia Alonso Rodríguez ORCID iD PDI 88101 3053
José Manuel Andrade Garda ORCID iD PDI 88101 2189
María Elisa Beceiro González ORCID iD PDI 88101 2192
Alatzne Carlosena Zubieta ORCID iD PDI 88101 2014
Estefanía Concha Graña ORCID iD
Contratado/a proyecto
Contratado/a proyecto
Mª del Pilar Esperón Porto
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Contratado/a proyecto
María Fernández Amado ORCID iD
Personal técnico de apoyo (PTA)
Personal técnico de apoyo (PTA)
Verónica Fernández González ORCID iD
Contratado/a proyecto
Contratado/a proyecto
Juana Isabel Ferreiro López-Rioboó ORCID iD
PhD Student
PhD Student
Nuria Gallego Fernández
PhD Student
PhD Student
María José González Castro ORCID iD PDI 88101 2248
Loreto Gómez Tellado
PhD Student
PhD Student
Silvia Iglesias Samitier
Purificación López Mahía ORCID iD PDI 88101 2191
Adrián López Rosales
Contratado/a predoctoral
Contratado/a predoctoral
Jorge Moreda Piñeiro ORCID iD PDI 88101 2062
Carmen Moscoso Pérez
Contratado/a proyecto
88101 2187
Contratado/a proyecto 88101 2187
Carlota Paz Quintáns
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Contratado/a predoctoral
María Piñeiro Iglesias ORCID iD
Lab technician
88101 4175
Lab technician 88101 4175
Darío Prada Rodríguez ORCID iD PDI 88101 2188
María del Carmen Prieto Blanco ORCID iD PDI 88101 2249
Atocha Paula Ramos Martínez ORCID iD
PhD Student
PhD Student
Rosa María Soto Ferreiro ORCID iD PDI 88101 2069
Joel Sánchez Piñero ORCID iD
PhD Student
PhD Student
María Isabel Turnes Carou ORCID iD PDI 88101 2010
Borja de la Fuente Ferreiro ORCID iD
Contratado/a predoctoral
Contratado/a predoctoral