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Research Group

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Research Group into Environmental Change

Area: Environment
Coordinator: M.ª Teresa Taboada Castro

The group’s research focuses on the following fields::

  • Conservation of soil and water
  • Environmental geochemistry (soil, water and sediment)
  • Palaeoecology and global change

The skills developed by the group’s members enable multidisciplinary approaches to resolve research challenges with environmental application. The following are highlighted:

  • Physical and chemical analysis of soil, sediment and water samples.
  • Morphological and mineralogical characterization of soils.
  • Biogeochemistry of soil, sediment and water samples.
  • Analysis of rainfall and runoff and the runoff generation processes at river basin scale.
  • Evaluation of water erosion and risk analysis.
  • Study of the dynamics of sediments, nutrients and metals at small river basin scale.
  • Monitoring and oversight of water quality through stations equipped with continuous metering instruments.
  • Evaluation continental and coastal water quality using bioindicators.
  • Modelling of the effects of climate change and soil use changes on hydrologic processes and the exportation of nutrients in small river basins, in order to predict future scenarios.
  • Environmental advice on soil and water conservation subjects.
  • Palaeoclimatology and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction inferred from isotope analyses of pollen and diatoms in continental and coastal settings.
  • Diagnosis of death by submersion inferred by diatoms.
  • Environmental impact studies.



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M.ª Teresa Taboada Castro
88101 2117

Titular de universidad
Área Edafología y Química Agrícola Departamento Física y Ciencias de la Tierra


Roberto Bao Casal ORCID iD PDI 88101 2101
Alejandro Blanco Calvo ORCID iD
Contratado/a postdoctoral
88101 5572
Contratado/a postdoctoral 88101 5572
Rafael Carballeira Coego
PhD Student
PhD Student
Blanca Moncunill Solé ORCID iD
Contratado/a postdoctoral
Contratado/a postdoctoral
Luísa Santos Fidalgo ORCID iD PDI 88101 2114
David Vázquez Loureiro ORCID iD
PhD Student
PhD Student

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