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Research Group

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Sustainable Management of Water and Soil Resources

Area: Environment
Coordinator: Francisco Javier Samper Calvete

Its geo-statistical studies focus on precision agriculture, biological conservation of soils and water.

Its research lines are as follows:

  • Studios of hydrological models, flow models and pollution transportation models
  • Precision agriculture

The following can be highlighted as transferable results:

  • Codes for pollution flow and transportation in fractured porous media (CORE family: CORE, VISUAL-CORE, BIOCORE, INVERSE-FADES-CORE)
  • Codes for hydrological modelling and planning (VISUAL BALAN; GIS-BALAN)
  • Codes for modelling hydrodynamics and chemical quality of lakes and reservoirs (DYCD-CORE)
  • Codes for geo-statistical analysis and estimation of variograms (VISUAL-GEOS; VALIDA)

Group activities


  • Hydrogeological studies for groundwater supply through wells, springs and fountainheads
  • Pollution flow and transportation models on the terrain
  • Hydrogeology of civil engineering works (tunnels, drilling, …)

The effects of building tunnels for the high-speed railway line in Galicia have been evaluated in numerous cases.

The group has recognized expertise in the modelling of subterranean flows and the transportation of pollutants in the field of radioactive waste.


  • Evaluation of resources and impacts of climate change
  • Hydrological models

Surface water and groundwater resources have been evaluated in numerous river basins across the Iberian Peninsula under current conditions and in scenarios of climate change.


  • Pollution transportation models in the subsoil
  • Protection perimeters for springs and fountainheads
  • Water quality in mining lagoons (models)

Models have been produced for the filling of the lagoon at the former As Pontes mine, ensuring the maintenance of water quality throughout the entire process.


  • Conservation of soils and water
  • Soil fertility and mineral nutrition
  • Monitoring of soil degradation
  • Indirect geophysical measurements
  • Measurement of the electrical resistivity of soils

These techniques have been used for the analysis of horizontal and vertical variability in soil structure and its properties in different areas of Galicia.

Studies have been carried out into the effect of human activity on soil degradation (compacting, erosion, pollution).

SThe relationships between soil and water have been investigated to increase the efficiency in the use of water in agriculture (geophysical measurements of the soil’s structure and water content, irrigation with recycled water, irrigation methods).

Soil stabilization methods have been studied to reduce erosion in areas of variable slope.



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Francisco Javier Samper Calvete
88101 1433

Catedrático de Universidad
Área de Ingeniería del Terreno - Departamento de Tecnología de la Construcción
Dr. Ingeniero de Caminos (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, 1981)
Doctor en Hydrology & Water Resources (Ph.D.) por el Departamento de Hidrología y Recursos Hidráulicos de la Universidad de Arizona, Tucson (1986)


Tamires Bertocco ORCID iD
PhD Student
88101 5577
PhD Student 88101 5577
Ana Caroline Royer
PhD Student
88101 5575
PhD Student 88101 5575
Marcos Lado Liñares ORCID iD PDI 88101 2213
Manuel López Vicente ORCID iD
Investigador/a contratado/a Programa Atracción de Talento (Xunta)
88101 5577
Investigador/a contratado/a Programa Atracción de Talento (Xunta) 88101 5577
Alba Mon López ORCID iD
Contratado/a postdoctoral
88101 5575
Contratado/a postdoctoral 88101 5575
Luís Montenegro Pérez ORCID iD PDI 88101 1425
Acacia Naves García-Rendueles ORCID iD PDI 88101 6041
Antonio Paz González ORCID iD PDI 88101 2110
Bruno Pisani Veiga ORCID iD
Contratado/a postdoctoral
88101 5462
Contratado/a postdoctoral 88101 5462
Jorge Prieto Sevilla ORCID iD
PhD Student
88101 5577
PhD Student 88101 5577
Xiana Raposo Díaz
Researcher Investigo Program
88101 5576
Researcher Investigo Program 88101 5576
Aurora Core Samper Pilar
PhD Student
88101 5575
PhD Student 88101 5575
Brais Sobral Areán ORCID iD
PhD Student
PhD Student
Eva Vidal Vázquez ORCID iD PDI 88101 2107

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