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The constitution of the grouping implies the formalization of a collaboration that has in fact been taking place over a long period of time between the research conducted at universities (UdC) and that carried out by the hospital system (“SERGAS”, Galician Health Service).

One of the first joint actions undertaken by the UdC and the SERGAS was the creation, in 2006, of a Proteomic Platform. This relationship has been boosted in recent years with the collaboration agreement signed by the Regional Government Health Department, the Galician Health Service (SERGAS) and Corunna University (UdC) for the constitution of the INIBIC (January 31st, 2008), and more recently with the signing of the collaboration agreement between the UdC and the Professor Novoa Santos Foundation to establish the framework for the university’s research groups to take part in the activities of the INIBIC (June 20th, 2014).

Since October 13th, 2013, five Research Groups belonging to the CICA (EXPRELA, NEUROVER, METMED, QUIMOLMAT and REACT!) hold the status of INIBIC Associate Groups, and the XENOMAR group holds the status of INIBIC Related Group.

The CICA-INIBIC SG comprises professionals from both the SERGAS and the UdC. The grouping closed 2016 with over 370 professionals in 24 research groups belonging to four areas:


  • CellCOM-SB. Translational research group in cellular communication and signalling
  • Ageing and Inflammation
  • Clinical Epidemiology
  • FENM. Endocrine, Nutritional and Medical Pathophysiology
  • GBTTC. Rheumatology. Tissue Bioengineering and Cell Therapy
  • Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease Group
  • Microbiology research group
  • NEUROCON. Neuroscience and Motor Control
  • Epithelial Plasticity and Metastasis
  • TCMR. Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Group

  • EXPRELA. Regulation of gene expression and applications
  • GIBE. Evolutionary Biology Research Group
  • MICROALGAE. Study and Applications of Microalgae
  • NEUROVER. Neuroanatomy of Vertebrates
  • XENOMAR. Genetics of Marine Organisms

  • AQUATERRA. Sustainable Management of Water and Soil Resources
  • BIOCOST. Coastal Biology
  • BIOENGIN. Environmental Bioengineering and Quality Assurance
  • EnQA. Environmental Chemical Engineering
  • GRICA. Research group into Environmental Change
  • QANAP. Applied Analytical Chemistry 
New Materials

  • METMED. Metals in the Environment and Medicine
  • QUIMOLMAT. Molecular and Materials Chemistry
  • REACT! Chemical Reactivity and Photo-reactivity