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The group formed by the Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (CICA) and the Corunna Biomedical Research Institute (INIBIC) is referred to by its Spanish acronym: CICA-INIBIC.

More information: 

Group Co-ordinator: Jaime Rodríguez González. Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Science in the area of Organic Chemistry and co-ordinator of the CICA since July, 2013.

Funded as “AGRUP 2015/05 (CICA‐INIBIC)” through the financial assistance for Strategic Groupings from the Galician Regional Government’s Culture, Education and University Organization Department in November, 2015: and renewed in 2018 (ED431E 2018/03).


 “Synergic multidisciplinary setting aimed at providing an efficient response to biomedical, technological and environmental challenges through research, training and the transfer of end-to-end solutions that generate scientific and economic value as well as social progress.”


“To become the benchmark for research, training and knowledge transfer for the major challenges of society so as to guarantee the retention of talent and the attraction of resources for sustainable growth.”

The context

Globalization and the development of an ever more competitive research model, the conformation of research areas related to the chemical and biotechnological resources as a strategic area for the region, and the existence of an extensive collaborative background between the CICA and the INIBIC have been the main factors giving rise to the CICA-INIBIC strategic grouping with the aim of: encouraging scientific and technological synergies and complementarities through the conformation of research activities, knowledge transfer and collaborative training; boosting the individual characteristics of each group making up the whole by taking advantage of economies of scale; and the globalization of research insofar as different development phases are integrated. 

Who we are

The CICA-INIBIC Strategic Group is the result of the union of 24 research groups from the Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (CICA), which combines research into international reference areas at the University of Corunna (UdC) such as Biology and Chemistry, and the Corunna Biomedical Research Institute (INIBIC), which includes all the people conducting basic research, clinical trials, public health studies and health service surveys from the Corunna university hospital complex, the health centres in the area and the UdC University itself.

The CICA-INIBIC grouping has led to the generation of “a multidisciplinary and synergic setting aimed at efficiently responding to biomedical, technological and environmental challenges through research, training and the transfer of end-to-end solutions generating scientific value, economic returns and social progress”. The grouping’s main aim is to be “the benchmark for research, training and transfer for the great challenges facing society, so as to ensure retention of talent and the attraction of resources for sustainable growth”.

The complementarities between the research groups enable the generation of fuller research value chains. In consequence, the excellence of the research activity is enhanced and the transfer activities become more attractive.

Organizational structure 

Strategic objectives

The following strategic objectives have been defined to determine the grouping’s action lines:

1. To increase collaboration and co-operation between the research groups making up the strategic grouping for the generation of more global, more powerful and more competitive projects.

2. To increase the level of internationalization of research through visits to institutions abroad.

3. To increase the attraction of resources in competitive calls for proposals by taking advantage of economies of scale within the grouping, overarching support services and the competitive positioning of the grouping.

4. To increase funding based on technology transfer processes, business co-operation and creation of companies through the establishment of overarching commercial actions, technical support with IP and the assignment of specific resources for the achievement of this goal.

5. To encourage the attraction and retention of research talent by monitoring the talent in the Strategic Grouping (SG) and the establishment of measures and mechanisms that encourage gender equality and the wellbeing of the grouping’s personnel.

6. To foster overarching capabilities through crossover training between members of the grouping, as well as by identifying and supporting the specific training needs required for the furtherance of the scientific agenda.

7. To increase the joint communication actions by encouraging the transfer of the grouping’s research to society in general.

8. To strengthen and consolidate the “AE CICA-INIBIC” brand name through communication actions that position the brand and make it visible as part of all the scientific actions carried out by the members of the grouping.

9. To encourage transparency in the management of the CICA-INIBIC SG’s resources through mechanisms encouraging internal communication, follow-up and decision-taking on the grouping’s activities.

10. Efficient management of joint needs as a consequence of the development of specific resources for the grouping (overarching personnel, spaces, equipment, etc.) through the establishment of mechanisms and tools for this purpose.