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Aida Inés Barreiro Alonso, member of EXPRELA group, in a post-doctoral stay at the Institute of Cancer Research

07/Aug/2019 Research EXPRELA
Aida Inés Barreiro Alonso, PhD by the UDC and member of EXPRELA group, is currently doing a post-doctoral stay in the functional proteomics group at the Institute of Cancer Research, London. She is collaborating in the development of a new method to isolate and identify the immunopeptidome of tumor cells more quickly and accurately by using mass spectrometry. 

The objective is to understand the functioning of the immune system in tumor cells in order to develop new immunotherapies against cancer. The PD-1 / PD-1L complex is studied with special emphasis on the possible targets in immunotherapy treatments against cancer. PD-1 is one of the main control points of the immune response and PD-1L is its ligand. Likewise, it analyses with Blue Native PAGE-MS the silencing effect of the PBRM1 protein, which is part of one of the chromatin remodelling complexes, on the membrane complexes in HiPSC (Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells).