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Researchers of the GRICA group present their work at a virtual congress of palaeontology

18/May/2020 CICA-Science GRICA

The researchers of the GRICA group, Blanca Moncunill and Alejandro Blanco, participated in the Virtual Congress of Palaeontology held from 1 to 15 May, whose organizing hub is located at the University of Valencia.

Organized in thematic sessions, the presentations of the speakers and keynotes have remained accessible to all those registered for the congress, who have also had virtual spaces for talks with the authors of the presentations and with the community.

Blanca Moncunill has contributed to the "Evolution and Paleobiodiversity in Neogene and Quaternary Island" session with a presentation entitled "Unravelling the biology of giant pikas: the case of Prolagus spp. from Gargano’s paleoarchipelago (late Miocene, Italy)". His colleague, Alejandro Blanco, has contributed to the "Mesozoic" session with his work "Niche partitioning among crocodyliforms in the Maastrichtian (late Cretaceous) of the Iberian Peninsula".

It might seem that the chosen format is an alternative solution because of the confinement by COVID-19, but the reality is different: the idea of making a Virtual Congress of Palaeontology was born in December 2018, and with this, they have successfully completed their second edition. 

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