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Disinfection with ozone and ultraviolet light: use by non-professional hands could lead to serious health risks

19/May/2020 In the Press REACT!

Moisés Canle, dean of the Faculty of Science at the UDC and researcher of the REACT! group, has reported on the dangers of using ozone as a domestic disinfection system. The researcher has pointed out that it is "a very powerful oxidant gas whose germicidal and bactericidal capacity has been known for a long time", but that its handling should be totally restricted to professionals, who need to study the space where it will be used beforehand. Moisés Canle warns that "it is a toxic gas and should not be inhaled under any circumstances".

Ultraviolet light, on the other hand, is a type of light "of a very short wavelength that our eye does not detect, and that makes it very dangerous", explains the researcher. Among other effects, Canle mentions that it can produce "damage to the skin and very serious burns to the retina, even permanent blindness".

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