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Three UDC Sustentabilidade awards go to CICA master's and undergraduate students


CICA students win the second Master Thesis (MT) prize and two secondary awards in each category, MT and Bachelor Thesis (BT), in the second edition of the UDC Sustentabilidade Awards. This success makes visible the commitment of our research to environmental protection.

The winners were announced on June 5th, coinciding with the celebration of World Environment Day (see Resolution). Among them, our 3 students:

  • Luis Antonio Ruíz Sánchez (2nd MT prize): "Feasibility study of the hydraulic exploitation for energy generation in the reservoir of Pontillón de Castro”. The work was headed by Acacia Naves García-Rendueles (AQUATERRA).
  • Blanca Astray Uceda (secondary MT award): "Advanced oxidation processes for the degradation of β-blocking agents in natural fresh water". The work was headed by Moisés Canle López (REACT!).
  • Paula Gómez Meijide (secondary BT award): "Oral bioavailability of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in atmospheric particulate matter". The work was co-directed by Jorge Moreda Piñeiro and Purificación López Mahía (QANAP).

In addition, the first BT prize with a work on the Asian wasp Vespa velutina was awarded to Yaiza Rodríguez Lueje, who until May 2020 was part of the BIOCOST group.

They will elaborate a book with all the awarded works and will make it available to everyone. The 2019 copy can be found HERE.

The complete news in Novas UDC, 05/06/2020.

Image of UDC Environment Office

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