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Blanca Laffon is elected guest editor of the journal "Antioxidants"

16/Jun/2020 CICA-Science DICOMOSA

NEW JCR = 5.014!!

Researcher Blanca Laffon from the DICOMOSA group has been invited as editor for the next issue "Tryptophan Metabolism in Health and Disease" of the open access journal "Antioxidants".

The degradation of tryptophan through the kinurenine route is due to indoleamine 2,3-diosyxegenase (IDO), an enzyme that is activated by increased oxidative stress. This route plays various roles in the body, especially in the regulation of the immune response. However, it is not trivial to define whether its function is beneficial or harmful because of the diversity of effects it triggers. Its degradation to kinurenine depletes the available tryptophan, preventing the proliferation of pathogens and malignant cells. However, the resulting metabolites are neurotoxic because of their ability to stimulate glutamate NMDA receptors.

"Antioxidants", with a 4.52 impact index, invites all researchers studying the involvement of tryptophan metabolism in oxidative state-dependent pathways and/or in the development of diseases to submit their manuscripts until February 28, 2021

Complete information about the special issue of the magazine and the call for papers can be found HERE.