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The RAGC awards the "Francisco Guitián Ojea" prize to the CellCOM group

03/Jul/2020 Events CellCOM

The CellCOM group, led by María Mayán and belonging to AE CICA-INIBIC, has received the "Francisco Guitián Ojea" Technology Transfer Award for the development of a drug that would improve the life of cancer patients.

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy alter the skin's ability to regenerate and heal, adding to cancer patients the risk of suffering from skin fibrosis or serious infections.

The drug is actually two well-known senotherapeutic compounds, which in combination have been shown to have a protective effect on the skin of treated patients. The first is an active compound with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties present in the olive tree; the second is a p38 inhibitor (a protein involved in carcinogenic processes) that would delay skin aging.

Although the combination has not yet been commercialised, it is already protected under two patents. In addition, there is a preliminary agreement with a Spanish pharmaceutical company with which it could soon be on the market.

The other two winners of the competition were a spin-off from Vigo for their artificial vision system capable of detecting irresponsible behaviour in the control of the COVID-19 and a group from the USC for the development of an anti-fungal nail polish.

The complete news in RAGC, 02/07/2020.

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