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A project, in which the CICA participates, will be in the final of Emerging Technologies Competition

25/Aug/2020 In the Press QUIMOLMAT

A project presented by Juan Manuel Bermúdez García, from CICA's QUIMOLMAT group, has been selected as a finalist in the Emerging Technologies 2020 competition, organized by the Royal Society of Chemistry of the United Kingdom.

The Emerging Technologies call is aimed to provide financial support and mentoring to companies in their early stages of existence and entrepreneurs from academia who wish to commercialize their technologies to achieve a global impact. The final verdict will be announced on September 30th.

The project from A Coruña, the only Spanish among 24 finalists, will compete in the Energy and Environment category, offering an ecological alternative to the gaseous refrigerants used today, the vast majority of which have a greenhouse effect. Specifically, it presents a technological improvement in the compression of materials at less pressure with respect to previous proposals of a similar nature. "When a material passes from a gaseous state to a liquid state, the phase transformation generates heat. We apply pressure to solid materials. With other materials that have been previously developed, it was necessary to apply a pressure of 1000 bar. The advantage of our technology is that it provides for the development of a very flexible family of materials that can be easily compressed at pressures below 70 bar," explains Juan Manuel Bermúdez himself.

It is based on a technology developed and patented by the UDC in which the researchers María Antonia Señarís Rodríguez, Manuel Sánchez Andújar, Socorro Castro García and Alberto García Fernández, from the QUIMOLMAT group of the CICA, and Ramón Artiaga and Jorge López Beceiro, researchers from the Proterm group of the Centro de Investigacións Tecnolóxicas (CIT), from the Ferrol campus, also participated. The engineering part of the project is carried out in collaboration with the INGEN group of the UDC, formed by Álvaro Baaliña Insua, Manuel Romero Gómez, Javier Romero Gómez and José Carbia Carril.

Original articles: Universidade da Coruña and  La Opinión A Coruña

Image by Juan Manuel Bermúdez