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CICA receives the visit of the sub delegate of the Government on the occasion of the resolution of the Program Challenges of Society


Pilar López-Rioboo, sub-delegate of the Government in A Coruña, visited the facilities of CICA together with the rector, Julio Abalde; the vice-rector of Science Policy, Research and Transfer, Salvador Naya; and our director, Jaime Rodríguez.

This visit is due to the recent resolution of the State Program of R+D+i, oriented to the Challenges society of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, in which, 7 groups of the CICA have obtained funding for a total of 8 research projects, adding up to 1,172,490 euros. This is a very positive result, which represents a third of the total amount received by the University (3,642,584 euros).

The sub delegate has had the opportunity to meet with some of the project coordinators: Carlos Peinador from QUIMOLMAT, Carlos Platas, Aurora Rodríguez and David Esteban from REACT!, José Luis Pardo from NEUROcom, Javier Samper from AQUATERRA and Alatzne Carlosena from QANAP.

Pilar López-Rioboo said that 'this government is aware of the need to promote research and scientific knowledge, more than ever at present, and therefore, this type of aid will have continuity in time to ensure support for researchers.

The original article in UDC, 9/11/2020