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Weekly reports of wastewater analysis at the Bens wastewater treatment plant are available.

28/Jan/2021 In the Press GIM Coordinación

The COVIDBENS team, made up of multidisciplinary scientists from INIBIC, CHUAC, UDC, CICA, CITEEC, CITIC and Edar Bens, analyses the wastewater and sludge that arrive at the Bens wastewater treatment plant (A Coruña, Arteixo, Cambre, Culleredo and Oleiros). Thanks to the mathematical model developed by Ricardo Cao's team (CITIC), some parameters can be extracted and used to make predictions and estimates of the state of the pandemic, and with them, help the competent bodies to take preventive measures. Since the project began in spring 2020, they have been able to predict the July, October and January waves of infection.

Their reports can now be accessed on the website of the company that manages the treatment plant, Edar Bens ( The work team plans to publish them on a weekly basis.

The report of 2 February 2021 can be consulted at this link.

Original article in GCiencia, 27/01/2021.

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Graphic of the report 02/02/2021