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The BIALAC project receives the Ecodesign Award from the Conama Foundation

03/Jun/2021 Events BIOENGIN

The Conama Foundation has awarded the BIALAC project for developing a bioplastic from the recovery of industrial whey and sludge from urban wastewater treatment.

Behind BIALAC is the BIOENGIN group, whose coordinator, María del Carmen Veiga, is the scientific leader of the project. Together with them, the Polymer Group of the UDC, the companies EMALCSA, ABAKAL and ECOPLAS and the Spin-Off Innolact participate.

In this third edition of the Ecodesign contest have been awarded 3 other projects that, like BIALAC, are committed to replacing the current model of production and placing the product on the market for a system based on the circular economy.

The original news in Conama Foundation, 01/06/2021.

Image by Conama Foundation