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CICA leaves Elviña and disseminates its research results among the neighbors of Cambre, Ferrol and A Coruña.


The month of September has been marked by the participation of CICA in scientific outreach events, which, thanks to the improvement of the covid-19 situation, have been carried out in person.

OPEN SCIENCE of Cambre (OSC2021)

On the weekend of September 18 and 19, the BIOCOST and REACT! groups attended the OSC2021 fair organized by the Citizen Science Club of Cambre. This year, the science fair was made up of 40 tents, compared to more than 100 in previous editions (except for 2020). Érika García attended on behalf of the BIOCOST group teaching curiosities and applications of seaweed, which always arouse the curiosity of the people who come to the fair. On the other hand, REACT! had the opportunity to publicly present its latest patent, ASDIS®, a method of water disinfection using PET bottles and sunlight that improves the SODIS method, the most used until now.

For more information about ASDIS, please visit this link. The website, still under construction, will be hosted at

G-NIGHT, a Noite Galega das Persoas Investigadoras (Galician Night of Researchers)

On Friday, September 24 took place the G-Night, a scientific dissemination event coordinated from the University of Vigo, through an MSCA project, which moved all Galician universities, as well as research centers and other entities. CICA had a strong presence during the day, organizing workshops, guided tours, and conferences that took place in the DOMUS, in the AQUARIUM FINISTERRAE, and in the lake of Doniños.

The activities that we coordinated from CICA were:

1. Seaweed: a rainbow of colors, flavors, and textures | BIOCOST group | AQUARIUM FINISTERRAE | 1 hour | 2 morning shifts for schools and 2 afternoon shifts for the general public.

2. Searching microplastics + The air that we breathe | QANAP group of the UDC | AQUARIUM FINISTERRAE | 1 hour | 2 shifts in the morning for schools and 2 shifts in the afternoon for the general public.

3. Experimenting with materials and thermal imaging | QUIMOLMAT group | DOMUS | 1 hour | 3 afternoon shifts for the general public.

4. Scientific Conversations at DOMUS | DOMUS | 1,5 hours | 1 afternoon shift for the general public.

5. The lakes like sentinels of the environmental change: the case of the lake of Doniños | Lago de Doniños and AA.VV "O Lago" | 3 hours | 1 morning shift for senior university students and 1 afternoon shift for the general public.

6. Photography contest: "Green Contrasts - Threatened landscapes in Galicia".

The winners of the contest were Rafael Carballeira (1st prize) for "Red alert in the face of landscape transformation" and "Peatlands under siege in the face of climate emergency". And Cristina Piñeiro Corbeira (2nd prize) for "Marine deforestation".

The result of the day allowed a total of 230 people to have the opportunity to attend some of the proposals of the CICA, out of approximately 2000 who participated in the total of the activities offered by the UDC from A Coruña and Ferrol.

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