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CICA obtains 600,000 euros in the call for State R&D&I Programs oriented to Society's Challenges

18/Oct/2021 Research BIOENGIN METMED Coordinación DICOMOSA

Last September was published the resolution of the grants for "R+D+i Projects" oriented to the Challenges of Society awarded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

In particular, 5 research groups of CICA have achieved that their projects are funded in this call totaling more than 600 thousand euros. The beneficiaries are the following:

  • Vanessa Valdiglesias (NANOTOXGEN) will receive 96,800€ for her project "Risk assessment associated with exposure to nanomaterials: in vitro, in vivo and in silico toxicological strategies (NanoAssess)".
  • Jesús Mosquera (NANOSELF) together with Miguel Martínez Calvo (USC researcher and former member of the REACT! group) will receive 84.700€ for their project "Supramolecular polymers as templates for the synthesis of chiral plasmonic nanoparticles (SupraPolyNano)".
  • Christian Kennes (BIOENGIN) will receive 249,260 for his project "Sustainable biorefinery processes for the production of biofuels, biopolymers and other bioproducts through the carboxylate platform".
  • José Luis Barriada (METMED) will receive 96,800 for his project "Extraction and characterization of dissolved organic matter from different terrestrial, fluvial and coastal environments, with relevance for the bioavailability of nutrients and contaminants (EsDOM)".
  • Blanca Laffon (DICOMOSA) together with Laura Lorenzo (UDC researcher) will receive 78,650€ for their project "Identification of risk factors and biomarkers of vulnerability to cognitive and physical deterioration in aging (AGECOG-SPUK)".

The 5 projects will receive their corresponding funding over 4 years until August-December 2024.