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A project for the conservation of the Cecebre reservoir and the Meirama lagoon is launched

07/Jan/2022 Research BIOCOST

The researcher Jaime Fagúndez participates in a project for the conservation of two areas of environmental interest: the Cecebre reservoir and the Meirama lagoon.

The researcher and the Cátedra Hijos de Rivera - UDC, in collaboration with the Reserva da Biosfera Mariñas Coruñesas e Terras do Mandeo, will turn the Barcés river into an "ecological corridor". The general assumption is that, by keeping the river and its basin healthy, the reservoir and the lagoon will be protected.

The first phase consists of passive forest restoration or active reforestation depending on the degradation level of the area.

In the next phase, actions will be carried out to raise public awareness, an indispensable element for improving the state of the forest. Among the arguments used to convince of the importance of conserving this environment is a fundamental fact: the Cecebre reservoir is the main drinking water reservoir in the area of A Coruña and we all want quality water.

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Image from La Voz de Galicia