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Nine CICA researchers are among the best in Spain


The Ranking web of universities (webometrics) has just published the first edition of a ranking of female researchers, Spanish and foreigners, making their scientific careers in Spain. The list is a selection of the 5000 best, ordered by h-index as the first criterion, and then by the number of citations. The data used are those published in Google Scholar.

Based on this classification, a total of 9 CICA researchers have been included in the list as follows:

Among the top 1000 are Mª Carmen Veiga (h=48) from BIOENGIN, Josefina Méndez (h=47) from NanoToxGen and Blanca Laffon (h=46) from DICOMOSA.

If we widen the search to the best 2000, we also find Tona Señaris (h=32) from QUIMOLMAT Materiales and Vanessa Valdiglesias (h=31) from NanoToxGen.

We complete the search with 4 researchers considered to be among the top 3000. Here we find Ana Rey (h=29) from TCMR, Isabel González (h=27) from EXPRELA, Socorro Castro (h=26) from QUIMOLMAT Materiales and Silvia Díaz (h=26) from TCMR.