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More than 30 CICA researchers meet at the RSEQ biennial in Granada

30/Jun/2022 Events Coordinación QUIMOLMAT REACT!

From 27 to 30 June, one of the most eagerly awaited congresses for the Spanish chemistry community was held in Granada: the Bienal of the Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry (RSEQ).

After the 2020 edition, which had to be held virtually, the XXXVIII edition, with its return to face-to-face attendance, has been a resounding success. More than a thousand researchers in the field of chemistry have travelled to Granada, beating the attendance record. Among them, the representation of CICA has been very significant: thirty researchers from 9 groups: REACT!-IMMO, QUIMOLMAT QUIMBIO, PRONAMAR, SUPRA, SynCatMeth, Materiales, NanoSelf, BioMemChem and BioMedNano.

Not only the Bienal has counted with our researchers as attendees, but as a group the number of communications amount to 3 talks, 5 flash presentations and 15 posters. In addition, not only the number of scientific papers that have been exposed has been very significant, but the quality of these has also been awarded. Paula Novo won one of the prizes for the best flash presentation, and Charlene Harriswangler for the best poster. It couldn't have gone better.

Finally, it should be noted that researcher Elena Pazos and researcher Carlos Jiménez were also chairs of sessions 7 (Chemical Tools for Chemical Biology) and 15 (Natural products: Identification and production) respectively.

List of talks, flash presentations and posters presented:


  1. Carlos Platas: Prediction of Gd(III) and Mn(II) Complex Thermodynamics Stability (s07 28/06)
  2. Paco Fernández Trillo: Supramolecular Chemistry and Nanotechnology for Biological Applications (s07 30/06)
  3. Lucía Ageitos: Siderophores Produced by the Pathogenic Bacterium Tenacibaculum maritimum (s15 30/06)


  1. Juan Manuel Bermúdez: Hybrid organic-inorganic thermomaterials for barocaloric refrigeration and solar energy storage (s03 27/06)
  2. Paula Novo: Control Over DNA Recognition with a Cucurbit[8]Uril-based Supramolecular 4,4′-Bipyridinium-peptide dimer (s07 28/06)
  3. Fátima Lucio: A Rigidified Derivative of the Non-Macrocyclic Ligand H4OCTAPA for Stable Lanthanide(III) Complexation (s07 29/06)
  4. Jesús Mosquera: Supramolecular copolymers through the combination of supramolecular monomers and surfactants (s11 30/06)
  5. Ana da Lama Vázquez: Synthesis, Structural Analysis and Chemosensory Ability of Fluorescent Imidazole-Triazole based ligands for 3D divalent metal ions (s01 30/06)


  1. Pablo Cortón: Preparation of Pseudo[1]Rotaxanes Through Functionalization of Pyridinium-based Macrocyclic Hosts (29/06)
  2. Ignacio Delgado: [(CH3)3NOH]2MnCl4, a novel plastic crystal with phase transition and multifunctional properties (29/06)
  3. Javier García Ben: A Tolerance Factor Adaptation to Dicyanamide Perovskites (29/06)
  4. Fabio Seoane: Indium(III)-Catalyzed Synthesis of 1H-Isochromenes and Dihydroisoquinolines by Intramolecular Hydrofunctionalization of O-Alkynyl Benzyl Derivatives (29/06)
  5. Iago Neira: CB[7,8]-based [2]-rotaxanes with triphenylphosphonium-capped threads: Serendipitous discovery of a new high-affinity binding motif (29/06)
  6. Liliana Barravecchia: Amino Acid-viologen Hybrids: Synthesis, Cucurbituril Host-Guest Chemistry, and Implementation on the Production of Peptides (29/06)
  7. Raquel Pérez Guevara: Indium-Catalyzed Synthesis of Benzannulated Spiroketals by Double Hydroalkoxylation of Alkinyldiols (29/06)
  8. Rosalía Sánchez-Fernández: Design Of A Nitrooxidative Stress Sensor Based On Lanthanide Coordination Chemistry (30/06)
  9. Charlene Harriswangler: A Versatile Macrocyclic Platform for Complexation of  natY(III)/90Y(III) and the Lanthanide(III) Ions (30/06)
  10. Rocío Uzal: Rigid versions of PDTA4- incorporating a 1,3-diaminocyclobutyl spacer for Mn2+ and Fe3+ complexation: stability, water exchange dynamics, and relaxivity (30/06)
  11. Sandra Baúlde: Molecular self-assembly for the synthesis of chiral plasmonic nanoparticles (30/06)
  12. Alejandro Criado: Graphene-based Human Receptor Field-effect Transistor Microarray for Virus Detection (30/06)
  13. Abel Mateo Forero: Bioactive Compounds Isolated of the Sponge Agelas citrina From the Yucatan Peninsula (30/06)
  14. Carlos Jiménez: Stereoselective Total Synthesis of the Siderophore Piscibactin-ga3+ Complex and Some Modified Analogues (30/06)
  15. Jaime Rodríguez: Synthesis of Fluorescent Probes Based on the Siderophore Amonabactins produced by Aeromonas salmonicida subsp salmonicida (30/06)