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Juan Bermúdez and Juan Fafián will consolidate their scientific careers thanks to the Ramón y Cajal grants

11/Jul/2022 People TCMR QUIMOLMAT

Last week the 2021 call for applications for Ramón y Cajal grants from the State Research Agency was provisionally resolved. A call that announced in January this year a budget of almost 153 million euros.

Of the 647 grants awarded, 2 are coming to CICA with researchers Juan Bermúdez from the QUIMOLMAT-Materiales group and Juan Fafián from TCMR.

Bermúdez has obtained his grant in the area of <<Materials Sciences and Technologies>>. The title of the research line he will develop at CICA is "Hybrid materials for eco-friendly refrigeration, heating and energy storage". A topic on which they have already published several articles in renowned scientific journals and thanks to which they are gaining a lot of visibility.

For his part, Fafián has made it in the area of <<Biosciences and biotechnology>> with a line entitled "Undiscovered molecular and cellular mechanisms in paracrine senescence through small extracellular vesicles". A current topic of growing impact that will be one of the central themes of the conference organised by the researcher between 18 and 20 July in A Coruña: CAMS2022.