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Artículos publicados

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2019 01/ene
Microscopy and Spectroscopy Tools for the description of Delignification. H. M. Hernández-Hernández, J. J. Chanona-Pérez, E. Terrés, A. Vega, P. Ligero, R. R. Farrera-Rebollo and S. Villanueva. Cell Chem. Technol., 2019, 53, 87-97
EnQA NEUROcom Índice de Impacto: 0.764 Q2
List 0.0 300x168 1 s2.0 s0926669016308512 fx1
2017 01/mar
Formosolv fractionation of hemp hurds. de Vega, A., Ligero, P.. Industrial Crops and Products 2017, 97, 252-259
EnQA Índice de Impacto: 3.181 Q1
List 68.183 362x203 tent a 1188995 f0001 c
2017 01/ene
Hydrolytic anaerobic reactor and aerated constructed wetland systems for municipal wastewater treatment – HIGHWET project. A. Pascual, D. de la Varga, C. A. Arias, D. Van Oirschot, R. Kilian, J. A. Álvarez, M. Soto. Environmental Technology, 2017, 38, 209-219
EnQA Índice de Impacto: 1.751 Q3
2016 27/oct
Spectroscopic and Microscopic Study of Peroxyformic Pulping of Agave Waste. Hilda M. Hernández-Hernández, Jorge J. Chanona-Pérez, Alberto Vega, Pablo Ligero, Reynold R. Farrera-Rebollo, Jorge A. Mendoza-Pérez, Georgina Calderón-Domínguez, Norma Güemes Vera. Microscopy and Microanalysis. 2016, 22, 1084-1097
EnQA Índice de Impacto: 1.73 Q2
List 0.573 385x216 1 s2.0 s0926669016301893 gr1
2016 01/ago
Acetosolv treatment of fibers from waste agave leaves: Influence of process variables and microstructural study. H.M. Hernández-Hernández, J.J. Chanona-Pérez, A. Vega, P. Ligero, J.A. Mendoza-Pérez, G. Calderón-Domínguez, E. Terrés, R.R. Farrera-Rebollo. Industrial Crops and Products 86, 163-172, August 2016 
EnQA Índice de Impacto: 3.449 Q1
List 56.167 451x254 1 s2.0 s0925857416300374 gr2
2016 01/may
Effect of plants and surface loading rate on the treatment efficiency of shallow subsurface constructed wetland. T. Carballeira, I. Ruiz, M. Soto. Ecological Engineering. Volume 90, May 2016, Pages 203–214
EnQA Índice de Impacto: 2.74 Q2
2015 01/dic
Fractionation of Miscanthus x giganteus via modification of the Formacell process. Juan José Villaverde, Pablo Ligero, Alberto Vega. Industrial Crops and Products 77, 275–281, December 2015
EnQA Índice de Impacto: 2.837 Q1
2015 01/dic
Methane and carbon dioxide emissions from constructed wetlands receiving anaerobically pretreated sewage. de la Varga D, Ruiz I, Álvarez JA, Soto M. Science of the Total Environment. 538:824-33, Dec 15
EnQA Índice de Impacto: 4.099 Q1
2015 01/dic
Physico-chemical and biological characteristics of compost from decentralised composting programmes. M.A. Vázquez, R. Sen, M. Soto. Bioresource Technology. Volume 198, December 2015, Pages 520–532
EnQA Índice de Impacto: 4.494 Q1
List 26.5 336x189 1 s2.0 s0959652615005569 fx1
2015 01/oct
Integrating liquid fraction of pig manure in the composting process for nutrient recovery and water re-use. M.A. Vázquez, D. de la Varga, R. Plana, M. Soto. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2015, 104, 80-89
EnQA Índice de Impacto: 3.844 Q1