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Perovskiña: a barocaloric material with its own space in the exhibition "Galicia Futura"

26/Jul/2021 Disclosure QUIMOLMAT

On the 14th of July the exhibition "Galicia Futura" opened at the Gaiás Museum in Santiago de Compostela. Santiago de Compostela. In this one, not only we have the presence of Déborah Bello as curator of the project and Moisés Canle in the scientific council, but one of the exhibited pieces belongs to the researchers QUIMOLMAT of CICA-UDC, who wanted to share the particularities of a material of their own synthesis: the perovskiña.

In this interview for Radio Galega, two of the authors, who are also the artistic directors of the piece of art, Juan Bermúdez and Socorro Castro, invite all listeners to spend a pleasant morning at the exhibition and try out the "barocaloric scale" that they have installed there as a sample of the properties of perovskiña. They explain that it is a material that is capable of absorbing temperature when pressed. The researcher stresses that the applications of this newly synthesised material are promising, for example, it could replace the toxic gases used in refrigeration machines.

During the interview they discuss other topics: the status quo of research in Galicia, the lack of resources for science in Spain and the importance of scientific dissemination as a tool for transferring knowledge to society.

A second piece by the same group can be seen in "Galicia Futura". It is a porcelain sculpture built with a 3D printer in collaboration with the sculptor Antoine Desjardins. 

The complete interview on Radio Galega, 19/07/2021

More information about “Galicia Futura” in this link.